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School Residential Courses




At ADAMS SURF SCHOOL, we have a great history of providing all action, fun and stimulating residential courses for children, and young adults.

You always remember your first school, scout, or guide trip.
We recognise that some schools have their own idea of what pupils should get out of a residential or adventure day.
Therefore we are flexible in our approach and we are offering you the chance to work with our experienced staff and build your own bespoke outdoor education programme from our comprehensive activity lists that we have available.
All meals are inclusive and can be selected from available menus (continental breakfast, packed lunch, 2 course evening dinner as well as snacks and juice throughout the day).

We have a huge range of activities to choose from and unlike many campus based sites we have the freedom to travel between the woods, the beach, historic sites of interest and into the ocean!
Choose from the best activities that Cornwall has to offer.
The evening entertainment programme can be personally selected to suit your needs and wants.
Choose from relaxing film nights to talent shows and even night hikes!

Our prime aim is to have FUN!
We pride ourselves on being able to offer learning outside of the classroom, through a variety of activities and experiences with quality trained staff.
We offer an experience packed with learning, challenges, excitement and personal achievement. Our activity and study courses support a range of skills and outcomes which cannot be easily achieved in the school environment.
Encouraging children to develop, physically, socially and mentally, also promotes wellbeing, positive attitudes and self-confidence.
These in turn help pupils to become successful learners, responsible citizens and confident individuals.

Whether you are organising your first school trip or choosing to book with us for the first time, you can rest assured that with ADAMS SURF SCHOOL you will receive all the support you need, every step of the way.
A member of our experienced staff will guide you through the booking process and our highly trained, helpful and enthusiastic reps and instructors will support you throughout your stay.
The evening entertainment programme can be personally selected to suit your needs and wants.

Our staff will look to ensure your children have an enjoyable and uplifting experience within a totally safe and supervised environment.
They will be given the opportunity to try activities they haven’t experienced before, develop new skills and make new friends.
Our adventure programmes are not only packed with excitement they also help build character, develop confidence, stimulate minds and raise self-esteem.
We want all children to finish the week feeling part of a team and to be proud of their achievements.

All children will be kept together and will be fully supervised at all times.
We welcome teaching staff to join the group at a ratio of 1:10.  Children are under the supervision of our staff at all times.

We will provide one free space for teachers per 10 participants.
We appreciate that not all the outdoor activities which the group undertakes may be of interest to the group leaders, however, whenever possible we encourage teachers/leaders accompanying the group to participate alongside them, thus undergoing a similar experience to them.
This can develop a bond between you and the group, which can increase as the course progresses to a point where each views the other in a more positive light.

We are proud of our excellent safety record and of course safety is paramount and our number one priority. All activities are fully Risk Assessed, as is our site.
These are available to your school on request.
An Activity Pack will be provided to include Risk Assessments, Kit Lists, Activity Briefs, Letters to Parents and everything you need for a perfect school trip!

For your peace of mind why not visit ADAMS SURF SCHOOL and see how we operate?
Our taster days will provide you with an experience of the activites on offer, a viewing of the accommodation and a taste of Cornwall!