Adams Surf School | Surf Coaching Qualifications
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Surf Coaching Qualifications



At ADAMS SURF SCHOOL, all our experienced instructors are full NARS or RLSS qualified beach lifeguards as well as having a minimum of the International Surfing Association level 1 surf coach qualification, as approved by Surfing Great Britain – the new governing body for surfing in the UK.

The ISA qualification allows you to seek employment at hundreds of surf schools in Britain and in countries all over the world.
The course covers all aspects of surf education including surf safety, surfing & coaching techniques along with group management.
Successful trainees go on to work as professional surf coaches, introducing beginners and helping improvers enjoy wave riding or take their surfing to the next level.

ISA Level 1.
The ISA Level 1 Coach will demonstrate that their personal surfing ability is of an acceptable standard along with good communication skills with delivery of a lesson to peers on the course.
They will further demonstrate that they are competent to coach beginner surfers over 20 hours logged coaching experience with a recognised ISA/SGB Surf School.

Level 1 is aimed at individuals 16+, with experience of surfing, who are new to surf/sports coaching and who wish to coach beginner to intermediate lessons.
The Level 1 Award is the minimum requirement for Surf Coaches wishing to work for SGB/ISA Approved Surf Schools.

ISA Level 2.
Level 2 is aimed at individuals, who are aged 18+ and have completed the SGB / ISA Level 1 and held for at least 2 years.

This SGB/ISA Level 2 Award is aimed at SGB coaches wishing to develop their skills as a coach in order to coach intermediate to advanced lessons.
This is also seen as the most desired Award by most SGB/ISA schools for Lead coaches, and is also the necessary award in order for the candidate to be able to run their own SGB/ISA Approved Surf School.
This also allows you to work with junior Squads, Advanced and competition surfers.

All Awards are valid for 1 year from the date of the Coaching Accreditation Course whereby an annual registration fee is payable to the ISA or until the relevant lifesaving qualification expires (whichever is earlier).

We are a team of experienced Lifeguards and Trainers.
We have worked on many beaches world wide and have had first hand experience in dealing with rescues, drownings, resuscitations and first aid which we apply to your training.

This course is not for the faint hearted, the training involves running, swimming, rescuing and dragging casualties through the surf zone and up the beach using rescue boards and rescue tubes.

The course also covers Lifeguard and First Aid theory, Basic life support and spinal management. Candidates must be over 16 years of age, physically fit and able to swim 400 metres in under seven minutes, thirty seconds for the NARS Lifeguard Award and eight minutes for the RLSS Lifeguard Qualification.